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With climbing ropes and harnesses in hand, we do not let our partners or their clients down!  When our highly experienced cyber insurance experts join the conversation, we successfully place coverage 99% of the time. 

Cyber is all we do!  We were born to climb the tallest mountains. We have the highest level of frequency- collaborating with more than 1000+ agent partners and 700+ MSPs and IT Professionals. 

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Ibex by FifthWall Solutions

Introducing Ibex

We knew that there had to be a better, smarter way. So, we scaled the tallest, roughest mountains and now offer the most comprehensive cyber insurance product.

FifthWall is now underwriting cyber insurance to help businesses truly manage their risk. Our product, Ibex, shows a better ROI and may even reward your clients with a discount on their policy.

Fully Committed to Protecting Your Business

Scaling mountains for clients.

Having the right security controls like MFA and EDR in place for your clients are essential and map to savings. Let’s make scaling the mountain easier. Let us be your Cyber Sherpa!

The path has been cleared.

Now you just need a guide! When you work with FifthWall Solutions and our Elite MSP Network, you and your clients win with a cyber insurance policy that is well-defined and achievable.

Sometimes it's hard for us to curb our enthusiasm!

Based on our expertise (and the fact that we only talk Cyber), we always provide assurance that a solution will be found. Based on our risk-management technologies, we see fewer claims. We don’t stop until we reach the summit, every time.

Cyber simplified for your clients.

Get clear comparisons that take out the guesswork of cyber terminology.

Send us any competing cyber policy and we’ll return with a fully-matched comparison with clear, consistent industry terms, complete with coverage insights.

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Your Questions Answered

FifthWall Solutions finds the right cyber liability coverage no matter the size or complexity to help Insureds better manage cyber risk.

Why is FifthWall changing the cyber process?

 To meet the rising cyber risk baselines, Insureds deserve peace of mind knowing they have a comprehensive team backing them. As the bridge between cyber and insurance, FifthWall partners with both MSPs and agents to reduce cyber risk.

What's FifthWall's process for MSPs?

MSPs are taking the lead when it comes to managing security controls. When it comes to cyber insurance, we partner with your MSP to map out strategies and advise your Insureds on specific security controls for greater savings and reduced risk. As each client gets the proper cyber coverage in place, your MSP’s exposure is lowered as you cover risk from end to end, using your security plus the safety net of cyber insurance.

What's FifthWall's process for agents?

Sophisticated cyber attacks have carriers on the defensive as they require answers to increasingly complex security control questions. As cyber experts, we seek to equip agents to have simplified conversations with their Insureds about clear steps forward with their cyber risk. We see a great value in involving the Insured’s IT in this conversation, whether an MSP or in-house, to map out strategies and advise your Insureds specific security controls for greater savings and reduced risk.

What is Ibex?

Ibex is a product and process, designed with MSPs in mind. Through a risk scoring philosophy, we believe that cyber risks with peak security controls should be rewarded through cyber insurance savings. Due to the MSPs insight into an Insured’s current controls, we provide a roadmap with the MSP to demonstrate a risk management ROI.

Is FifthWall still a wholesaler?

Yes!  On top of our own Ibex product and process, we continue to have access to 40+ markets for an Insured’s evolving cyber risks, even in the toughest market conditions for that particular risk.

Who does FifthWall work with?

We have the highest frequency of interacting across both facets of the cyber insurance industry- we partner with over 1,000 insurance agents and we include over 300 elite MSPs in the process of developing and rewarding security first clients.

What Our Partners Are Saying

"Ease of quoting is a game-changer with FifthWall...the various levels of coverage allow us the flexibility to serve clients of all sizes."


- Enscoe Long Insurance

"Partnering with FifthWall helps us live up to our promise to our clients of finding them best-in-class coverage for each line of business."


-Loesel-Schaaf Insurance

"We love the partnership we have with FifthWall...they provide answers to all of our and our Insureds questions quickly."


-St. Mary's Insurance

“I just wanted to thank you guys for the quotations for our Township. You guys are the best! Your expertise and analysis are unparalleled in the cyber arena. I am certain I will be sending you more risks."


-Christine Pilotti

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