MSP Onboarding

What Your MSP Can Expect

What FifthWall Will Cover

What Your MSP Can Expect & What FifthWall Will Cover

FifthWall Intro

Cyber risk management starts with a conversation. Our experts at FifthWall want to learn more about your MSP and set up a plan you can run with in a matter of days.

  • Cyber market overview and partnership opportunity
  • Defining client context
  • Scoping the first client engagement
  • Tech E&O Review for your MSP

Cyber 101

Give your team a clear scope of the cyber risk landscape — in one session, your team will leave with greater insight into the dynamics of securing cyber insurance and your pivotal role as an MSP in the process.

  • Breakdown of policy coverages
  • Breakdown of a cyber claim
  • Using cybersecurity tools to leverage sales and risk management ROI
  • Emerging carrier requirements

Intro With Client

FifthWall will set up a joint-discussion with you and the first client of your choice to implement their next step in optimizing coverages and validating the security tools you can provide as an MSP.

  • Have a licensed cyber insurance agent educate clients on foundations of cyber risk management
  • Provide cyber policy reviews for clients with comprehensive policies in place.
  • Begin the pathway of implementing controls

Run With Submissions

Based on controls in place at time of application, we’ll access up to 40+ carriers to present optimized coverage, side-by-side with your client’s current policy.

  • Present initial pricing based on basic information
  • Comprehensive cyber coverage from top-rated carriers
  • Clear comparisons that take out guesswork

Let’s Create a Cyber Risk Powerhouse.

Do your clients have the right cyber policy? Are you their trusted advisor when it comes to every facet of cyber security? A new partnership may be exactly what you need to step up your MSP offerings.