How to Approach Cyber Applications with CyberFOX Tools

AutoElevate™ & PasswordBoss™

When Filling Out a Cyber Application

Anyone involved in the process should be aware of the applicant’s:
a) Risk profile & unique vulnerabilities
b) Security controls already in place
c) Opportunities to increase their security stack

Knowing how to best apply CyberFOX products when reviewing applications can make all the difference with cyber carriers when it comes to rate and even eligibility for a quote.

Here’s how to approach your next cyber application if the applicant has AutoElevate™ and PasswordBoss™ implemented. We’ll cover how these tools need to be configured for your security stack first and then how to attest to those configurations.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to offer explanation of the below controls if prompted, or simply include in additional notes at the end of the application.

AutoElevate™ by CyberFOX

AutoElevate™ is a PAM solution that cost effectively allows you to remove local Admin rights and secure your clients with least privilege without frustrating your end users.

How to Spot Cyber Application Questions in the Wild asking about PAM Solutions

In addition to the questions below, pay attention to the following key phrases in your cyber applications as they may apply: PAM, privileged account management, privileged users, admin users, admin access, privileged accounts, etc.

Make sure AutoElevate™ is configured on all attested privileged accounts if attesting “Yes”.

AutoElevate™ or CyberFOX are suitable responses. If the response type is a dropdown and neither is listed, you can typically select a “Vendor not on this list” or “Other vendor” option and write in a follow-up free text field or include as an additional note on the application.

AutoElevate™ is a great tool when removing admin rights for users and mitigating the risk that comes with unfettered workstation access. Once AutoElevate™ is configured for employee workstations, questions like the one above become easy to answer.

Password Boss™ by CyberFOX

Password Boss™ is a complete end-to-end, multi-tenant password management solution designed and developed specifically for the needs and the ways that today’s MSPs work and support their customers.

How to Spot Cyber Application Questions in the Wild asking about Password Management Software

Few carriers are asking about password management, but it is becoming a higher point of interest as a highly effective risk mitigation tool. Questions related to password management software and password vaults are as straight-forward as they come.

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