Leverage your MSP’s Stack through Cyber Insurance Discovery

Set more meetings with clients that improve their risk profile and generate MRR for your MSP.

MSPs that double their MRR use a two-fold approach to better securing clients:

1) Build a security-minded suite
2) Use cyber insurance as a framework for selling more

Over 900 MSPs have joined this security-minded approach with FifthWall as their licensed cyber insurance partner.


Leverage Your Stack in Three Easy Steps

1. Send Your Clients the Discovery Form

Download the client email template for both the wording and the form link to fifthwallsolutions.com/discovery. There, clients will submit basic info to FifthWall that helps us review their risk profile.

2. Join the Discovery Meeting with your Client

A FifthWall cyber insurance expert will meet with you and your client to:

  • Review an assessment of their current policy, if available.
  • Look at starting a submission for competitive quotes.
  • Ensure your client obtains the right coverage for the right price.

3. Validate and Increase Your Security Stack

Through educating your clients and appealing to carrier requirements, clients will adopt more of your services to:

  • Obtain the right coverage for the right price.
  • Ensure a better risk posture when a breach happens–not if.

Not sure where to start with your security stack?

Here’s what carriers require (or better yet, what services your MSP should be offering now):

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Segregated Backups
  • EDR and NGAV
  • Software Patching & Vulnerability Scanning
  • Employee Awareness Training

Refer to our guide to learn more, then:

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