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Gain access to cyber quotes that reward your risk management.

Align with a Better Cyber Policy in Three Steps:

1. Start the Risk Profile Review

  • Submit basic information about your organization that helps determine the right carrier options for your business.
  • If you currently have a policy to upload, we’ll review your policy for free.
  • Mark your availability for a Discovery Session with your MSP and FifthWall within the form.

2. Join the Discovery Session with your MSP

A FifthWall cyber insurance expert will meet with you and your MSP for 30 minutes to:

  • Review your current policy, if available.
  • Look at starting a submission for competitive quotes.

3. Get the Right Cyber Coverage for the Right Price

Through the security controls you have available through your MSP, you can:

  • Obtain the right coverage for the right price.
  • See a Risk Management ROI based on new controls adopted.
  • Ensure a better risk posture when a breach happens–not if.

About FifthWall Solutions

We are a cyber insurance wholesaler with fully dedicated expertise in the cyber liability and tech e&o spaces. With direct access to 40+ carriers, we focus on finding the best possible policies for organizations of every industry and size. We’ve educated thousands of insureds and their risk partners on the benefits of a comprehensive cyber policy and have a 99% success rate in obtaining coverage.

Ready to ensure your organization is fully protected? Please fill out the Risk Profile Review. You’ll be prompted to mark your availability for a Discovery Session with your MSP and FifthWall to look at starting a submission or to review your current policy.

Why We Partner with MSPs

Since cyber incidents are a “when” and not an “if” occurrence, cyber insurance is an essential component of risk management. As cyber threats and exposures constantly change, insurance carriers require security controls from your organization to be eligible for coverage and provide savings in the long run. Your MSP provides these exact security controls that prevent cyber incidents and minimize the impact and cost of an incident.

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