Cyber Insurance applications can be intimidating…

… from the length of the application to the vagueness of some of the questions. When you get to the EDR portion of these applications, here are some simple tips when Huntress is the deployed solution:

  • Provide as much detail as possible on the application:
  • Many applications will provide areas for explanation of security controls – use it!
  • If there is no area to provide additional information, add an additional page to the application.

Truth & Transparency

It’s always important to remember that you must be truthful and transparent. So, in the example provided, ensure that Huntress is truly deployed to all endpoints, and that Process Insights is active on your account. We have already seen claims denied when its discovered the insured lied about something material, such as MFA being active and enabled.

If you provide additional information to what an insurer and asking, and the insurer binds coverage, the insurer is accepting your explanation. 

Here is some sample language we have seen successfully used: 

We have Huntress deployed to all endpoints which include process insights: their EDR product is managed 24×7 by their global threat hunting team. The Huntress security team can isolate one or all endpoints, including servers if a major threat is detected.

Additional info is available at:

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) with Process Insights

Is the applicant high risk?

If so, you may be required to use a preferred EDR. This list varies by carrier, and currently we are not aware of any carriers listing Huntress. Help us change that by making sure to note Huntress on every client’s cyber insurance application!

What are some of the areas that Huntress could apply on a cyber insurance app?

First of all, each carrier has a unique app, so depending on the requirement, these may not all apply.

Managed 24x7 EDR: Process Insights

Antivirus: Defender via Managed AV


Intrusion Detection/ Prevention: Threat Hunting/Process Insights

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