IT Nation Secure Recap: You Had to Be There to Believe it

Reid Wellock at IT Nation Secure

IT Nation Secure 2022 (ITNS), hosted by ConnectWise, brought together nearly a thousand MSPs, IT Professionals, and hundreds of vendor partners. Our team at FifthWall Solutions met with some of the most forward-thinking MSPs, built connections, and provided actionable cyber insurance insights throughout the conference.

Here are a couple of take-aways as we recap the week:

Pre-Workshop with FifthWall Solutions

ConnectWise maxed out our pre-workshop attendance – so for those that missed the extended session, we shared the following key points:

  • Cyber insurance and Tech E&O have become unavoidable topics among MSPs and their clients.
  • Goal posts shifted for a client to obtain cyber.
  • Cyber coverage eligibility looks like now and where it’s heading.
  • Better resources and tools are available to manage your clientele’s cyber risk and your own.

Cyber Insurance Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them for Fun & Profit

If you joined us along with techrug for the first of two panel discussions, you learned:

  • What the “hardened” cyber market is and how it’s created a mess.
  • Use YOUR vital role to ensure a greater risk posture for your clients.
  • The importance of staying ahead of the cyber insurance conversation with the right cyber partner that knows MSPs.

Why Cyber Insurance is Changing the Game for MSPs

Key takeaways from the collaborative panel discussion between FifthWall Solutions, ConnectWise, and techrug, included:

  • Your clientele’s cyber risk connects to your risk.
  • How specific MSP tools are high risk when it comes to obtaining Tech E&O, and what you can do about it.
  • Best practices for protecting you and your clients through cyber liability + Tech E&O.

Keynote Announcement

This year, ConnectWise revealed a new partnership with FifthWall Solutions and ControlCase to demystify the compliance journey for MSPs and their clients. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of our new partnership in action:

  1. ControlCase will help MSPs assess their data safety and security measures through a cybersecurity questionnaire.
  2. ConnectWise will offer solutions to remediate gaps and ensure a strong risk posture.
  3. FifthWall Solutions will procure the top insurance options available from over 35 markets, offering additional education and consulting so that the better the risk, the better the ROI through insurance savings and cybersecurity control benefits.

We‘re going make it a little easier for MSPs to get cyber insurance and show that they have done the things that reduce the risk,’ says Raffael Marty, general manager of cybersecurity at ConnectWise. (As initially reported on CRN)  

Diving Deeper at Booth 603

What takeaway did MSPs leave our workshops with more than anything else? “Cyber insurance is a real mountain to climb.”

If you saw our setup at ITNS, you know by now that scaling mountains can be relatively simple in the end with the right cyber insurance partner. 

Ibex, the mascot for our latest insurance product, stirred up plenty of conversation with a simple message “Our cyber insurance process can reward peak security controls, and we’ll help you in getting your clients to the top.” 

So What? Now What?

We continue together to provide better services for clients regarding cyber risk. 

When your MSP joins FifthWall’s Elite MSP network, you’ll have access to an educational community designed around cyber insurance, along with the personnel and resources so you can look forward to the cyber insurance conversation with your clients. 

It’s easy to join, and there’s no cost or obligations. You can apply to join here or learn more about the onboarding process here.

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