Equipping your MSP to Bring Consistency & Stability to the Cyber Insurance Process.

Begin the next step to manage risk for the clients that trust you most.

Your Ally in Cyber Insurance

We know everyone is pursuing risk management from different places. The common starting point, however, is the trust and authority MSPs seek to have with every client.

FifthWall Solutions is the only cyber insurance provider with a process designed with MSPs in mind. Each step is designed to further establish your reputation with clients as a security first MSP who understands and acts on the following truths:

MSP Testimonials

Breaches are a Matter of "When", not "If".

Human error is alive and well, and the threats continue to evolve–for company policies and employees alike. Whether you’ve been on the fence to engage in the cyber insurance conversation, or want to better understand how it works, we are here to help.

Your Clients' Risk is Your Own Risk.

As each client gets the proper cyber coverage in place, your MSP’s exposure is lowered.

Security First MSPs Pursue Complete Risk Management.

The best-in-class cyber policies require best-in-class security controls. Insurance validates and helps upsell your client on more sophisticated security services.

What You Get with FifthWall

The Broadest Industry Access

We have near-global access to 35+ carriers, not just a few

With cross-industry insights, we know the best choices for each client

Assessments & Quotes

Providing evaluations of clients’ current policies and producing side by side comparisons to provide clarity on the best options

Incentivize the security you recommend and have in place for your client by obtaining the best rates

Protect You And Your Clients

Guidance on managing and reducing liability for your MSP

Tech E&O Coverage

Get first in line for FifthWall’s next-generation insurance product

On-Going Training

Quarterly insider webinars on upcoming changes, industry trends, and news

Cyber Insurance experts to answer your questions and concerns

Training on how to discuss insurance with your clients

Risk Management ROI

Our specialized process expertise leads to the best cyber coverage. Here’s a transparent look into FifthWall’s continuous risk scoring philosophy.


Adopt Risk Management Controls

When core controls are in place, your clients are eligible for comprehensive coverage from a top-rated carrier.


Evaluate + Reduce Risk

By understanding the critical, enhanced and preferred controls, your MSP is taking security to new heights.


Roadmap to More Controls

Enable an ongoing process of identifying, evaluating, and implementing more controls to address cybersecurity threats.



Transparency into the process leads to better controls and discounts. For the first time, you will know how rates (and savings) are calculated.

Let’s Create a Cyber Risk Powerhouse.

Do your clients have the right cyber policy? Are you their trusted advisor when it comes to every facet of cyber security? A new partnership may be exactly what you need to step up your MSP offerings.