Simplifies the Insurance App Process | Introduces LOTA at DattoCON22

 Cyber Insurance Automation: FifthWall Solutions is developing an app that connects to 40 cyber insurance carriers at once, from what we’ve heard. Details may emerge at DattoCon22. Stay tuned. On a related note, FifthWall VP and Channel Chief Wes Spencer is confirmed to describe cyber insurance best practices at MSSP Alert Live 2022 next week.

When a team sets out to make a better mousetrap, it generally means straightforward changes and apparent advances that solve a problem. This is the very scenario for FifthWall Solutions (FifthWall).  A national wholesaler of cyber insurance with access to 40+ carriers/markets, FifthWall knows first-hand the challenges agents and MSP partners face when completing numerous apps for their clients.

“How could we make it easier for a business owner to get a new insurance policy or increase their chances of renewal with sky-rocketing ransomware attacks and the volatility of trends,” asked Reid Wellock, President, FifthWall Solutions. “The repetitive answer, let’s bring MSPs into the cyber conversations with our agent partners and solve their greatest challenges. Using our authority, we’ve built an insurance product, LOTA, and a process specifically with the MSP in mind.” 

At DattoCON 22, Washington D.C, on September 11, LOTA, which stands for Lord Of The Apps, will be introduced. It is one app designed to eliminate redundancies and simplify the process– most carriers require their application to be completed, upwards of 5-10 apps per client, all with disparate questions and security requirements.  

“Streamlining the app process, informing us of the security controls needed, and only completing what is relevant to an MSP will help us better serve our clients,” said Matt Rose, Chief Experience Officer, Tech Rage IT. “With the ever-changing insurance requirements, it’s hard to keep up. We are excited about the efficiency of using one app moving forward.”

FifthWall Solutions is a leader in its industry with the highest frequency level, collaborating with more than 1000+ agent partners and 400+ MSPs and IT Professionals.  

Early this year, FifthWall expanded its partner network and organized a roadshow to search for security-first MPSs. In June, FifthWall validated its MSP commitment when it hired Wes Spencer, cybersecurity innovator and Founder of Perch Security. For the first time, MSPs could look forward to insurance conversations because of FifthWall’s MSP team led by Spencer, VP and Channel Chief. 

“And if you haven’t figured it out by now, the naming of our product as LOTA, rumors are true it is a take-off from LOTR –  Lord of the Rings,” Wellock added. 

One App To Rule Them All

One App To Find Them

One App To Bring Them All

And In The Cloud To Bind Them.

About FifthWall Solutions

As a leading cyber insurance wholesaler (i.e., distributor), accessing more than 40 carriers/markets (including Tech E&O), FifthWall Solutions has deep expertise in cyber and understands an Insured’s evolving cyber risks, even in challenging market conditions. FifthWall Solutions is actively educating and equipping security-focused MSPs on cyber insurance. 

FifthWall Solutions will be at Booth #6 at DattoCON 22. Learn more at

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