There are Height Restrictions to Obtain a Cyber Insurance Policy

From the Desk of Wes Spencer, VP & Channel Chief

Just as there were height restrictions to jump on a carnival ride as a kid, there are some restrictions in place in the cybersecurity world. You must be oh so tall! And these restrictions are not maybes, or nice to have, they are mandatory to be eligible for cyber insurance.

Only good behavior is rewarded in the world of cyber insurance. From adding annoying, but necessary, MFA text codes to your iPhone to 24×7 monitoring of your networks, there are five minimum must-have security controls that need to be in place.

MSPs are those outsourced contractors and we like to think of them as the operators of the cybersecurity. They will help your clients deploy, manage and maintain the five security controls addressed in this video by Wes Spencer.

When your clients need to find the right insurance coverage, when all the necessary security controls are in place, the Dedicated Producers at FifthWall Solutions are standing by with more access to the market, working with more than 1,000 agents nationwide.

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