Meet Your Client’s Cyber Needs and Grow Your Business.

Cyber Peace of Mind & Assurance. That’s What We Offer. 

With a complete cyber solution, clients will know they have the right coverage when their business demands it.

FifthWall’s comprehensive solution is designed to address the varying levels of risk appetite in today’s cyber world. Ideally, every business today, regardless of size, should adopt a fully comprehensive, higher limit policy. However, we know that every business owner manages their risk differently. Our solution follows a natural progression by offering an automated low-cost baseline program, comprehensive coverage and premier breach prevention tools.

A Complete Cyber Insurance + Risk Management Solution

Our continuous process ensures that insurance agents, and your clients, have exactly what they need. We always start with business planning and a baseline assessment with a turnkey solution. Then, the rest is automated with dedicated cyber producers who are here to educate and evaluate continuously. 


Business Planning

This is not a templated approach. We know every single business and client is unique. We work with you- insurance agents, to explore, research and understand your book of business.



Whatever posture your clients may have when it comes to cyber, we’ll make sure that their baseline coverage adequately meets the biggest gaps in their risk management strategy.


Influence Awareness

Though baseline coverage is a starting point, it’s not static. We’re committed to bringing insight and awareness to your client about cybersecurity to manage risk and to inform on their ideal comprehensive coverage.


Risk Management

Through risk assessment, breach prevention, and response tools, your clients will be equipped to avoid risk and minimize impact in the event of a security incident.


Analysis and Adjustment

Cyber markets are constantly evolving with changing premiums and emerging sub-limits. At renewal, we’ll make sure that your clients’ policies are resilient against todays’ digital threats while securing the lowest available premiums.

Where do you see your clients in our continuous solution?

Do you need to start with a baseline assessment to understand what insurance coverage your businesses really need? We will do that assessment with you. As we find the right coverages the first time, we also offer a continuous solution where our dedicated cyber experts return to the market at each renewal to ensure your clients have a competitive premium for the right coverage.

1. No Coverage/Endorsement

You wouldn’t live in your home without home insurance, so why operate a business with little to no cyber insurance? We offer policies with no or minimal application, we bind online, and only partner with “A” rated carriers or higher. 

2. Baseline Assessment

To own a business is to be vulnerable to a cyber breach. With a baseline assessment, we look at a business’s cyber posture and current plan to recommend a complete solution, giving assurance to your clients’ businesses moving forward.

3. Influence + Educate

We’ve all heard it… knowledge is power.  What are phishing emails?  Why shouldn’t one use home devices for work? The more employees know about cyber crimes, the more we win and hackers lose. Ask us about our Cybersecurity Employee Training.

4. Comprehensive Policy

With Cyber Assurance, your client’s coverage meets today’s digital threats. Cyber coverage is not a niche. Cyber crime does not discriminate.  Protecting your business is a critical requirement for enterprise risk management.

5. Competitive Side-by-Side

We’ll take the guesswork out of comparing cyber coverages for your clients. Send us a competing policy and we’ll return with a fully-matched comparison with clear, consistent industry terms. No apples and oranges to see here.

6. Re-Marketing

When your clients opt for Cyber Assurance, our dedicated cyber experts return to market at each renewal to ensure your clients have a competitive premium for the right coverage.

7. Improve Risk Posture + Stabilize Rates

Your clients need the peace of mind knowing that they have an agent that is doing everything they can to reduce cyber risk.  That’s where we come in, again.  Our continuous solution includes risk management tools that prevent breaches and minimize their impact if a breach occurs.

What Our Partners Are Saying

“Ease of quoting is a game-changer with FifthWall…the various levels of coverage allow us the flexibility to serve clients of all sizes.”


– Enscoe Long Insurance

“Partnering with FifthWall helps us live up to our promise to our clients of finding them best-in-class coverage for each line of business.”


-Loesel-Schaaf Insurance

“We love the partnership we have with FifthWall…they provide answers to all of our and our Insureds questions quickly.”


-St. Mary’s Insurance

“I just wanted to thank you guys for the quotations for our Township. You guys are the best! Your expertise and analysis are unparalleled in the cyber arena. I am certain I will be sending you more risks.”


-Christine Pilotti

Wouldn’t you love a Dedicated Cyber Producer?

FifthWall works exclusively with brokers and affinity groups.

Get a quote entirely online or speak with one of our cyber insurance experts. Looking for higher limits with the most comprehensive coverage? Our team is ready to provide a side-by-side comparison of your client’s current policy.