Cyber Insurance: The Carrot and the Stick Every MSP Needs to Know


Moderated by Andrew Morgan, founder of The Cyber Nation and Right of Boom, with Jim Lippie, CEO of SaaS Alerts and Wes Spencer, VP & Channel Chief for FifthWall Solutions discuss how MSPs are using cyber insurance to enforce new minimum security standards as well as drive better value and partnerships with their clients. In addition, the team dives into the future of cyber insurance that every MSP needs to be preparing for in the next two years.

Cyber insurance has become one of the hottest topics in the channel today. But most folks are confused on what to do about it. Should MSPs get involved? There is a huge revenue opportunity waiting in the wings if seized correctly.

Keeping the chat lively, the recorded January 31st webinar is here!

The slides below are a glimpse into the information covered in the recorded webinar!

We hope that you will watch the recorded webinar, then contact FifthWall Solutions to learn more about joining our MSP Elite Network!

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Cyber Insurance is Both the Carrot and The Stick

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