Where is your MSP in its Cyber Insurance Journey?

FifthWall Solutions is a group of cyber liability experts and risk managers that eat, sleep, and breathe Cyber Insurance. We are bringing our knowledge and access directly to the MSP world.

As a leading cyber insurance wholesaler (i.e. distributor), accessing more than 30 carriers (including Tech E&O), FifthWall Solutions has deep expertise in cyber and understands an Insured’s evolving cyber risks, even in challenging market conditions. Most recently, FifthWall Solutions is using its authority to custom-build its own insurance product and process specifically with the MSP in mind.

FifthWall Solutions is actively educating and equipping security-focused MSPs on cyber insurance. We turn the insurance conversation into a sales opportunity by validating and incentivizing the adoption of proper security controls.

For the first time, FifthWall Solutions wants MSPs to look forward to the insurance conversation.

You will find FifthWall Solutions at IT Nation Secure June 6 – 8 in Orlando!

We will be hosting a pre-workshop and several breakout sessions that will demystify cyber insurance.

We hope to see you there at Booth 603.

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Leveraging One Application to Simplify the Cyber Insurance Process

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