How to Navigate a Hardening Cyber Insurance Market

Given the increase of cyber attacks during the world’s greatest health crisis, COVID-19, it’s easy to sit back and say that as a business owner, we are doing whatever it takes to ensure we are buttoned-up from cyber attacks.  Here at FifthWall Solutions, we want to see your businesses partner with agents that understand cyber and take preventive measures to improve your business’s risk posture. 

For Brokers And Agents: The Time For Cyber Is Now

This recent article, penned by a VP in eRisk at Crum & Forster, looks at the hardening of the cyber insurance market while stressing the importance of not waiting any longer to secure an adequate cyber insurance policy.   The time is now to act and go to the market and get your renewal submissions. “Seven ways to get the best cyber insurance terms in a hardening market.” Continue Reading 

The FifthWall Solutions Difference in a Hardening Market

Our Dedicated Cyber Producers are our competitive difference!  We help agents and their clients navigate the best cybersecurity practices and ensure that they have the right policy.  

At FifthWall, our perspective on the hardening market is that you need to take swift action. During this downturn, remember that there is less competition among insurance carriers and more stringent underwriting criteria. You need to work with a team of cyber insurance experts that live and breathe this industry every day.

Never settle for good enough cyber insurance, and never let your guard down.  Ransomware never discriminates! 

Employ A Cyber Insurance And Risk Management Solution That Is A Continuous Process

When partnering with FifthWall Solutions, we consider the many factors that ensure you continue to sell or receive the proper coverage at the right price.

  • Business planning
  • Baseline coverage integration 
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Cyber risk assessments 
  • Employee cyber training 
  • Adjustments and competitive analysis
  • Side-by-side comparisons
  • Improve risk posture
  • Stabilize rates
  • Renew policy

If you lack enthusiasm for your current cyber insurance policy’s coverage, we would like to hear from you. Contact us today.

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