FifthWall Solutions Launches New Website To Support Agents With Cyber Insurance, Tools to Navigate Hardening Market

Pittsburgh, PA — At the turn of the new calendar year,  FifthWall Solutions launched its new website for insurance brokers, agents, and industry partners who want to learn how to sell cyber insurance in a dynamic and continually evolving cyber industry.  The new website re-introduces Fifthwall Solutions’ flagship policy, CyberPeaceOfMind, during a time of great hardship for businesses impacted by the pandemic. It offers a baseline cyber policy for $250 for $250,000 in coverage.

During the new website’s rollout phase, FifthWall Solutions will deploy an insur-tech client portal with InsurEco. This new hub will be everything agents need to offer cyber insurance at their fingertips.  Agents can expect side-by-side comparisons, renewals, and competitive analysis.

Recognizing that small businesses don’t have the funds to withstand a cyber-attack, “Cyber Peace of Mind” — a baseline product helps mitigate cyber liability insurance risk.  The policy has a noted limit with no application, no deductible, no underwriting, no business class exclusions, and is bound in less than 60 seconds.

“Our team of Dedicated Cyber Producers makes all the difference. They are experienced in the varying levels of cyber risk that many businesses are facing today,” said Reid Wellock, president, FifthWall Solutions.  “We are here to educate agents on the risks their customers will face without an effective cyber policy, but also how easy it is to offer a complete solution.”  

Fifthwall Solutions also recognizes that not all cyber insurance policies are created equal. A combination of great insurance and risk management tools are offered at an affordable rate with “Cyber Assurance” coverage, a next-level offering to businesses that need more. It includes best-in-industry comprehensive coverage, limits as low as $500k and up to $25M, minimal underwriting, and risk management tools.   

The training materials within an agent’s resource toolkit offer practical information on how to sell cyber.  Also, a series of continuing education cyber webinars allow independent agents to scale and grow their business.  One of the most popular webinars has been its introductory course, “Understanding Cyber Exposures.”  This one-hour course offers one free CE Credit to those agents licensed PA, CA, GA, and FL.   

About FifthWall Solutions
Headquartered in Pittsburgh, FifthWall Solutions works exclusively with thousands of brokers and affinity groups to offer a comprehensive cyber insurance solution known as CyberComplete. FifthWall is a group of technologists, producers, and cybersecurity and risk professionals that protect businesses from growing cyber threats.  To learn more, visit

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