Wes Spencer Has Been Promoted To Advisor & Board Member With FifthWall Solutions


FifthWall Solutions (FifthWall) is excited to announce that Wes Spencer, VP & Channel Chief, has been promoted to Advisor & Board Member.   


FifthWall Solutions is a leading cyber insurance wholesaler (distributor) accessing more than 40 carriers with expertise in cyber and understanding Insureds evolving risks, even in challenging markets.  With Spencer at the helm of its Managed Service Provider (MSP) Channel, FifthWall has gained an active network of 700+ MSPs. The FifthWall team presents at premier MSP conferences, including Right of Boom, ConnectWise IT Nation Secure & Connect, Schnizzfest, MES IT / ChannelCon, and others.  


“Wes took FifthWall from 10 to 100 mph in the channel with his keen ability to connect with MSPs. His deep understanding of cybersecurity and cyber insurance and how it accelerates business for the MSP, and their clients will continue to be a truly amazing benefit to FifthWall,” – Reid Wellock, President, FifthWall Solutions.  


“In just the last year, cybersecurity insurance has become one of, if not the most important, challenges MSPs and their clients face. We have reached the pinnacle as more MSPs have engaged in FifthWall’s Cyber 101 process than ever anticipated,” – Wes Spencer. 


Spencer will continue to support, represent, and advise FifthWall Solutions in his new role. “I’m not going anywhere, “Spencer said. “I’m crazy excited about this new role and my ability to continue to help MSPs solve the cyber insurance challenge. And I’m so thankful to be able to do that as I work alongside the best in the industry at FifthWall.” 


About FifthWall Solutions 

FifthWall Solutions is a group of cyber insurance experts and risk managers who understand evolving cyber risks for every client, even in challenging conditions. FifthWall has the highest frequency level- collaborating with more than 1000+ agent partners and 700+ MSPs.   


FifthWall recently introduced LOTA (Lord of the Apps) to create efficiencies during the application process. LOTA was designed to eliminate redundancies and simplify the process. LOTA is one app — a cyber insurance intake process that makes it easy to apply to multiple carriers, saves time, and leverages FifthWall’s market access with 40+ carriers.  Learn more at FifthWallSolutions.com/msp. 


About Wes Spencer  

Wes Spencer is a nationally recognized technology innovator, cybersecurity influencer, and co-founder of multiple cybersecurity companies, including Perch Security. Wes has numerous awards, including the 2020 Cybersecurity Educator of the Year by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. Wes has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Pro Publica, Dark Reading, and many other outlets. 


Wes was most recently the VP & Channel Chief of FifthWall Solutions. He was previously the co-founder and CISO of Perch Security, which was sold to ConnectWise. He then moved to ConnectWise as their Vice President and External CISO, working alongside thousands of clients to help them survive and thrive in the cybersecurity wilderness. Wes is also the co-host of the CyberCall with over 5,000 MSP weekly listeners. 

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