World’s Worst Roller Coaster Ride Comes with Favorable Premium Growth 

FifthWall Solutions

FifthWall Solutions Breaks Down 2022 Cyber Insurance Financial Data 

The past year’s cyber insurance financial data dropped, as reported by Fitch Ratings. The experts at FifthWall Solutions break it down– tune in to the recorded panel discussion here.  


The US cyber insurance market is anticipated to maintain favorable premium growth and underwriting results through 2023; however, pricing will likely moderate further this year in response to recent profits and competitive factors, Fitch Ratings. 


Cyber insurance financial data shows that we see fewer claims. “We are climbing to the top of the roller coaster ride, at which point it’s going to be the world’s worst roller coaster,” said Reid Wellock, President of FifthWall Solutions. “We are leveling out – boring for coaster riders, but good for Insureds and MSPs.”

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The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers’ Commercial Property/Casualty Market Survey.

Stand-alone cyber coverage, which represents approximately 70% of industry premiums, increased by 62% in 2022. Learn More Here.

Standalone Cyber Risk Direct Loss & DCC Ratios

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